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Actions Of PGO Department Of Horbatiuk Within Case Against Kalyuzhnyy Politically Motivated According To Interpol – Lawyer Bogatyr

Lawyer Volodymyr Bogatyr, who was representing in Interpol the interests of former MP Vitaliy Kalyuzhnyy, whose name was mentioned in the case upon so-called black ledger of the Party of Regions, considers that the actions of Head of a Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) Department, Serhii Horbatiuk, in the case against his client were politically motivated. 

He said this in a comment to Ukrainian News Agency. 
"This time in Lyon, we achieved refusal to hold Vitaliy Kalyuzhnyy on the international wanted list in view of considerable violations in using Interpol channels and manipulating records of the criminal case upon black ledger of the Party of Regions for political purposes," he said. 
According to him, the whole essence of the provided suspicion within the case upon so-called black ledger of the Party of Regions boiled down to receipt of funds by Kalyuzhnyy from his brother and provision of improper advantage to different officials. 
"Accusing Vitaliy Kalyuzhnyy of transfer of money to high-ranking officials, the prosecutor's office did not serve any of the alleged ‘beneficiary parties’ with any charge papers… At its session on July 26, the Commission on Control over Records of Interpol Cases ruled that the criminal case against Kalyuzhnyy was politically motivated and refused to put him on the wanted list. The Commission later informed national bureaus of the member countries about its ruling," the lawyer said. 
He added that Interpol also pointed out the violations in using the mechanisms of the international cooperation of Interpol by the Special Investigations Department of the PGO. 
The lawyer noted that according to the Commission, the nature of accusations was significantly distorted by serious political motives.
Besides, he said that the PGO had been preliminarily warned about possible violation of the rules and the Constitution of Interpol during the use of the Interpol system to find Kalyuzhnyy.
"Therefore, we can see direct political motivation in the actions of the PGO department. I’d like to note that the ‘political department’ of Serhii Horbatiuk has been hindering access of Kalyuzhnyy's lawyers to the case records for already two years," the lawyer said. 
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Interpol refused to put Kalyuzhnyy on the wanted list having called the black ledger case a political manipulation.

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